Official Minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting of the 

New York Commandery of the Military Order of Foreign Wars

The Annual Meeting of the New York Commandery was held at 6pm on the 24th of July at our headquarters at 20 West 44th Street, New York, New York. After a period of informal fellowship, the meeting was called to order by Acting Commander David Disi. 9 members and 1 guest were present. Reports were called for and Maj. Hooker gave a report on the national meeting he attended. CPT Dycus gave a report on the successful move of our office and becoming a tenant, not a landlord. Capt. McShane gave a report on presentations to service academies. He also made a motion that he facilitate the admission of Mr. John McGiver as a hereditary member. CPT Dycus then gave a membership report and treasurers report.  

The Commandery then opened the floor for nominations. Maj Hooker was elected Commander and assumed chairmanship of the meeting. CPT Disi agreed to remain as Vice Commander. At this point in the proceedings, LtCol McNally was voted into membership and accepted the nomination as Secretary. CPT Dycus agreed to run for Treasurer. In each case the candidates were unopposed and were elected by the Secretary casting a unanimous ballot on their behalf. Those elected were as follows:

Slate of Officers & Companions of the Council

Year 2018 – 2019


Commander:                                                  Maj. Daniel L. Hooker

Vice Commander:                                         CPT David Disi

Secretary:                                                      LtCol Daniel McNally

Treasurer:                                                     CPT Gary L. Dycus

Registrar:                                                      CPT Gary L. Dycus

Judge Advocate:                                           CPT. Owen C. Smith



CDR John F.V. Cupschalk                                       

Capt. W. J. McShane

LT(j.g.) Harvey McKinney Bragg  

LtCol Daniel McNally                                                 

CPT Gary L. Dycus

Garrett Bowden

Michael Luraschi

Gerald Fisher                                  

New Business: Maj Hooker discussed priorities of rewriting the bylaws… and he volunteered. He also got agreement from McShane and Bowden to go visit the former ExDir and recover any MOFW property and checkbook. Collective consent was reached to have 4 meetings a year. They will be on the 3rd Wednesday of July, October, January and April. Two will be lunch meetings and two evening meetings. 

Motion made by Gary Dycus, seconded by Dan McNally to adjourn. Motion passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Daniel McNally

Secretary, NY Commandery MOFW