About Us


The Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (MOFW) is one of the oldest quasi-military organizations in the United States of America.  It has a distinguished history that dates from its institution on 27 December 1894.  The Order is known for its patriotic and social objectives.  Its hereditary line of descent spans the period of American history since national independence.  The membership of the Order has included presidents, members of the cabinet and the Congress, and distinguished military leaders including some of their lineal descendants.  Companionship is conferred only upon commissioned and warrant officers of the Armed Forces of the United States, its allies, and their lineal descendants who have served in or during foreign wars of the United States.


The Order has been instituted to honor and perpetuate the names of brave and loyal men and women; to keep in mind the memory of their martial deeds and the victories which they helped to gain; to strengthen the ties of fellowship among the Companions of the Order; to foster the cultivation of military and naval science; to bear true allegiance to the United States of America, based upon a paramount respect for, and fidelity to, the National Constitution and laws; and to aid in maintaining national honor, union, and independence.

It is also a prime purpose of the Order to foster and encourage the study of American military history to the end that the memory of brave men and women may freely be enshrined and that we and our children may learn from the past to formulate sound policies for the present and future.  This provides the Order with a concrete and tangible objective that will afford each Commandery a unique opportunity of bringing the significant features of our national military experiences to the attention of the thoughtful portions of their own communities.


Companionship in the Order is conferred only on qualified, duly sponsored officers.  Active military service in or during any of our foreign wars, campaigns, or military expeditions dating from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf Conflict and any subsequent military expeditions will qualify an officer as a Veteran Companion, as will honorable service as a commissioned officer in the armed forces of our allies.  Descent in the direct line from such an officer may also qualify an applicant for hereditary or junior companionship.  All candidates for Companionship must be of good moral character and reputation and be so certified by the sponsoring Companion.

Qualified officers and descendants are invited to submit applications for Companionship to their State Commandery Registrar or the Registrar-General of the Order.  As the oldest existing Order of commissioned officers, the Order is interested in outstanding officers who have served our nation well.