Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States



We are one of the oldest veterans' a hereditary associations in the nation with a membership that includes officers and their hereditary descendants from all of the Armed Services. Membership is composed of active duty, reserve and retired officers of the United States Armed Services, including the Coast Guard, who have served during one of the wars in which this country has engaged and/or is engaged.

  The Seven Purposes of the MOFW are:

  • Honor and perpetuate the names of brave and loyal men and women.
  • Keep in mind the memory of their martial deeds and the victories which they helped gain.
  • Strengthen the ties of fellowship 
  • among the Companions of the Order.
  • Foster the cultivation of military and naval science.
  • Bear true allegiance to the United States of America, based upon a paramount respect for, and fidelity to, the National Constitution and laws
  • Aid in maintaining national honor, union and independence.
  • Foster and encourage the study of American history and particularly of American military history, to the end that the memory of brave men and women may freely be enshrined and that we and our children may learn from the past to formulate sound policies for the present and future.

Companionship is conferred only upon commissioned and warrant officers of the Armed Forces of the United States, its allies, and their lineal descendants who have served in or during foreign wars of the United States

CANCELLED: April and May 2020 Events


Due to the current pendemic emergency situation, the April luncheon has been cancelled.  Please join us for upcoming events.  We hope you and your families and friends remain safe.

Winter 2020

Dinner at Churchill's

The New York Commandery held it's Winter 2020 Meeting at Churchills in January.  At this, it was agreed and voted that the New York Commandery will move into an agreement with the Nwe York Historical Society to present and hold critical historical archives.


Fall 2019


Fall 2019 Quarterly Meeting and Chow

Military Order of the United States

New York Commandery

At the Churchill Tavern, New York City


Gathering of the Military Order of Foreign Wars,

New York Commandery

At the Churchill Tavern, New York City

Fraunces Tavern 2019


Members of the New York Commandery were in attendance at the Fraunces Tavern 300th Anniversary party.

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Companions of the New York Commandery met at Connolly's Pub for the Spring 2019 quarterly meetings. The slate of officers was voted in, and council members elected.